725 Washington Road Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15228 412-561-2500 www.mtlebanonfloral.net MEMORIAL FUND MAKING PROGRESS Thanks to the many people who attended The Event fund- raiser on April 10 at Andora’s, which raised more than $50,000 for the construction of the Mt. Lebanon Vet- erans Memorial. So far the memorial fundraising committee has brought in more than $140,000 toward the estimated $180,000 cost of the memorial. Donors used the envelopes inserted in last month’s magazine to contribute more than $4,000 at press time. People who have donated since our last issue are: Betsy and Scott Henderson, Philip and Wendy Police, Jan McLeod, Randy and Lynn Butz, Larry and Eleanor McNulty, Dr. and Mrs. Leo McCafferty, Mt. Lebanon Police Association, William S. Lerach, Ralph and Jane Compagnone, John J. Petrelli, Riley, Hewit, Witte & Ro- mano, Thomas and Katie Lamb, PNC Financial Services Group, American Legion Post 156, Bette B. Mucha, Ray Westbrook (Westbrook Pharmacy), Valerie J. Milie, Glenn and Linda Smartschan, Rocky and Jan Bleier, Thomas and Sandra Giotto, Steve and Amelia Dean, Dr. and Mrs. James J. Reilly, Christopher and Sandra Pas- sodelis, Matt Logue, Dennis McEwen, David Schraven, David and Dolores Bannon, Robert W. Bragdon, M.D., Cynthia and Michael Gissin, Tom Pe- terson, Kenneth and Audrey Menke, Ainsley and Jill Westbrook, Renee McEwen, James and Anne Noland. St. Clair Hospital, Paul and Colleen Frank, Louanne Baily, Kenneth J. Horoho, Jr., Natalie Zamansky, Rus- sell Charitable Foundation, Friends of Matt Smith, RBVETCO, LLC, Jolene B. Colby, Marcy and David Fasulo, Charles Mickley, Bill Manotti, Virginia Nicklas, Lynn Hagan, Jacque Baguet, Elizabeth M. Hoag, Mark and Melissa Vita, Woman’s Club of Mt. Lebanon, Ann and Blake Ben- jamin, Joseph and Elaine Wertheim, William and Sara McVay (in honor of James “Mickey” McVay), Joseph B. and Lynn M. Smith, Stuart and Rita Zolot, Fred and Dorothy Lust (in honor of Dale Colby), Robert G. and Martha McVay Hills (in honor of Walter McVay, WWI, and James McVay, WWII); David and Mary Birks Lincoln O. Hartford, Larry and Lelia Hartford, David and Vera Hartford, D. Michael and Barbara Hartford Mee, James Hartford and Kathleen Joanne Hartford (Ford Foundation), (previous seven honor- ing Dallas C. Hartford) Holly and Bruce Rudoy, David and Charlotte Stephenson (in honor of Donald D. Mateer), Timothy and Lisa Honkala, Stanley Yorsz and Margaret McLean, Charles Jr. and Joanne Queenan (in honor of “Dutch” VanKirk), James T. Franz, Jim and Sarah Cannon, State Rep. Matt and Eileen Smith, Michael and Nancy Vudragovich, Richard and Dorothy Robinson, James and Cathe- rine Traut, Nellie Ambrose, Penghang Jiang and Hong Chen, Frank and Mary Clements, Elizabeth M. Ruh, in memory of Edwin Ruh, WWII Vet- eran; Carl and Jeannette Singhouse, in honor of John Silas Sr., Marines; William and Beverly Pini, Ernest and Anna Babich, J.A. Wunderlich III, Daniel and Patricia Morgan, Phyliss Swindell and Robin Durr, Rosalie M. Murrer, Lynn Jaquiss, Jeffrey and Jacklyn Snyder, Patricia Lang Watso, Samuel and LuAnn Mudrak, Paul Seipel, Rita Levine. mSemorial day parade ummer unofficially begins on Me- morial Day and what better day to welcome those lazy hazy crazy days than with a parade? Grab a curbside spot along Washington Road early to beat the crowds and see the fire trucks and vintage cars. As in past years, veter- ans, bands, scout groups and other local organizations will march from the can- non at Brookline boulevard to pioneer and then down West Liberty Avenue into Mt. Lebanon. The parade ends at the cemetery. Although the parade starts at 10 a.m., if usually doesn’t hit Mt. Lebanon until at least 10:30. To register to march, call Chris Carr at 412-414-4790. 52 mtl •may 2011