January saw the passing of (long time Mt. Lebanon Commissioner)Dale Colby. In addition to his many endeavors on behalf of Mt. Lebanon, he was a founding member and integral force in working to establish the Mt. Lebanon Community Endowment. His commitment was so deep that he attended our December board meeting and acknowledged with great joy the announcement of receiving our nonprofit tax status. It is our intention to carry on the mission of his great vision. We will miss your bright outlook and deep insight, Dale. endowment carrIeS on Things are progressing nicely at your community endowment. In December, we gained our 501 (c) 3 status. This was an important benchmark as we can now accept donations from the community at large. Please check out our new and much improved Web site at www.mtlebanonendowment.org to find out if becoming a founding donor is right for you. Bonnie Bagay President Mt. Lebanon Community Endowment mtl magnified includes Web exclusives, along with additional information about the people and events that are featured on our pages. When you see at the end of a story, go to www.mtlebanon. org, click on "Mt. Lebanon magazine" and then on "mtl magnified." This month... natural cleaning recipes If you tried our recipe for an all-purpose natural cleaning spray, check magnified for more cleaners and solutions that are good for you and the environment. snow storm pictures Haven't had enough of the white stuff? We have lots of great pics that will make you all nostalgic for the storms of February. Read the stats and letters on page 20. outreach survey After you read our story about Outreach Teen and Family Services (page 36), come back to the News Flash section of the Mt. Lebanon Web site, www.mtlebanon.org, and take a four-question survey. While you're there, check out the results of last month's mtl magazine readership survey. mt. lebanon minutes Go to the Mt. Lebanon homepage at www.mtlebanon.org and check out the current lineup of Mt. Lebanon Minutes. You can also see them on Mt. Lebanon's cable access channels, 17 for Comcast customers and 34 for Verizon. web eXclusive A tribute to Scrubby, the Scrubgrass Road turkey. 10 mtl april 2010